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About GAF

Gbenga Aiyeremi Foundation is a nonprofit organization focused on entrepreneurial development for micro business. Our goal is to help aspiring and emerging Nigerian entrepreneurs to start, grow and scale their businesses.

Founded by Gbenga Aiyeremi, a Nigerian philanthropist and serial entrepreneur who in a bid to promote entrepreneurship development in Nigerians decided to provide microbusinesses with expert advice, continuous guidance, and financing to grow their businesses.          

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From the onset

Gbenga Aiyeremi Foundation (GAF) believes the private sector’s role is critical for Nigeria’s development and that the private sector must create both social and economic wealth.



The Gbenga Aiyeremi Foundation believes that the private sector holds the key to unlocking the country’s economic potential.


To create an enabling environment for small businesses and business idea to grow in Nigeria

Core Value

The desire to always see things through to completion from idea to result and while delivering excellence.

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The city council have the real super powers as administraion to lead country.

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Opening Hours:

Mon – Fri: 8:00 am – 6:00 pm

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